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Trish & Kevin 6.6.2020

Intimate & Elegant Mirco-Wedding in White Bear Lake, MN

Trish & Kevin's love story begins in 2017. Trish decided to give eHarmony a go after a friend had success on the site. After a few days, she and Kevin began chatting... only for her to find out he had just one more week left on his membership with eHarmony. How serendipitous that they crossed paths at just the right time!

Trish, being the boss woman she is, said to him "So do you plan on asking me out anytime soon, or are you going to make me wait patiently for a few more days?". The two went on their first date at Mystic Lake Casino for dinner, cosmic bingo and the LARGEST soft pretzel either had ever had. (Which is why it is now their tradition to get soft pretzels just about anywhere they go!)

Fast-forward to the 4th of July, 2018. The two found a great spot on a hill overlooking the lake to watch the sunset while they waited for the fireworks show. Then, Trish suddenly hears her dad behind them saying "Trish, I think there's something wrong with Gracie!" (her puppy). Then, her dad was walking toward her holding Gracie with a bright blue collar and a white pillow around her neck. Extremely confused, she turned to look at Kevin, who was already ready down on one knee waiting to ask her to marry him!

The moments right after this are a little hazy for Trish, because she was shocked and happy crying so much so that Kevin had to ask her if she was going to answer him! Obviously, she said yes! They shared a bottle of Trish's favorite prosecco and spent the rest of the night dancing to love songs with her family and friends.


Trish & Kevin had the ultimate roadblock thrown in their path to wedded bliss... a freakin' PANDEMIC. Dang you, COVID-19! Despite this, they rolled with the punches and made their special day a dream come true... even if it wasn't what they originally pictured. It was important to them to still be able to get married near the water (peep engagement story) and have their family there to share the day with them. Restrictions eased enough for them to invite an additional 20 people to bring their wedding to a grand total of 24 attendees.

Trish, like most others, mourned the loss of the large, extravagant day she had originally planned. As for now, their wedding was simple and elegant with copper and green accents. They let the beautiful venue speak for itself with its stunning scenery and architecture. This allowed the couple to focus on building a beautiful ceremony, focused on their love and faith. Trish and Kevin have plans to host a larger reception to celebrate with more of their friends and family on September 5th of 2020.

Unfortunately, there were still some special people in their lives that couldn't attend. Trish's brother and her sister in law are both active duty commanders in the military and were unable to leave base to attend due to travel restrictions. Thankfully, they were able to set up a zoom call for them and a few other special people that couldn't make it. Her brother, sister in law and their three kids all dressed up for the call even they couldn't be there in person... So cute!

Trish's advice to all the brides planning their dream weddings:

"Wedding planning is fun, chaotic and expensive BUT never forget what it is really all about - the unity of two people. The coming together of you and the person you LOVE that you've chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Continually remind yourself that regardless of what happens, or what bomb explodes *cough, COVID, cough* - because something WILL happen/come up that wasn't planned - that at the end of it all you will be marrying your best friend, the love of your life, your soul mate and however that happens that is the goal. Two becoming one."

Thanks for sharing your story with us, we are looking forward to hearing about the big celebration this September!

Ali & Caitlin


Vendors Involved:

Photography: Sarah Olfelt Photo

Videography: Caroline Hunt Films

Hair: Coloring: Hair by Erin Stewart, Styling: Hair by BK

Makeup: Paige Bodene

Tan: goGLOW

Flowers: Bachman's

Pastor: Kyle Robinson (Wooddale Church)


Love it?! Save this wedding for inspiration!

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