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Top 20 Questions To Ask When Touring A Venue

So you're starting to tour venues... Check out these top 20 questions to ask when you're on a venue tour!

Touring venues with your parter can be a ton of fun... But it can also get overwhelming really quickly. It is easy to get swept away in the moment, so we put these questions together to help you stay on track and make sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision when picking a venue.

  1. What is your maximum/comfortable capacity?

  2. What dates do you currently have available?

  3. What is the required deposit to book? When is final payment due?

  4. Do you require that we use your caterer? If so, is there a food and beverage minimum?

  5. What is the bar situation? Are we able to bring in our own bartenders? Can we provide our own alcohol?

  6. Do you have certain vendors you require us to work with? If not, is there a preferred vendor list you could share?

  7. Who is here day of and what tasks do they complete? i.e a venue coordinator? Is a day of coordinator required?

  8. Are there places for the bridal party to get ready? Is there an additional fee to use these spaces?

  9. Are we able to have our ceremony here? How about a rehearsal dinner?

  10. What items do you provide? Ie. Tables, chairs, linens or will I need to rent these?

  11. Is your quote all-inclusive of fees? If not, what other fees should we be prepared for? i.e. extra cost for cake cutting, clean up, hosting the ceremony, security, valet, coat check, spraying for mosquitoes, gratuity, etc

  12. How long does a room flip take and who completes this?

  13. What is parking like? If parking is paid, is there a way we can cover a portion or all of this for our guests?

  14. Are there any hotels near by that provide shuttles?

  15. Are there any restricted items such as candles/open flame, flower petals, confetti, outside food/drink, etc?

  16. Are there time parameters we need to be mindful of? What time can we arrive day of? How late can we stay and when do we need to turn the music off? Are we able to set up/tear down the day before or day after?

  17. Do we need to take out event insurance?

  18. What are you cancellation/COVID policies?

  19. Are there any other requirements we need to be aware of before we move forward

  20. Can we see a copy of the contract before committing?

Hopefully these question suggestions help! Do you have any other questions you asked when touring venues that you found helpful? If so, comment below!

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