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Spring Bridal Shower Outfit Ideas

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Check out some of our favorite outfits for a spring bridal shower!

*This blog post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase anything from the links provided we make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


First off, we have to thank Angie for being our beautiful model! For reference Angie is about 5'5" and usually wears an XS for tops and between a 0-2 for dresses.

We wanted to pick a bit of variety of outfits so we picked a few dress options and top/pants options, since we know not everyone loves being in a dress! Plus, spring weather is always unpredictable, so having a slightly warmer option is never a bad idea... especially in Minnesota!

Outfit #1

Floral Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress - Purchased from Amazon. Angie has a small on, it comes in sizes S-XXL. Angie thought this one was super comfortable and it had a lovely flow in the breeze!

Nude Heels - Also sold on Amazon, sizes 5 -11


Outfit #2

Lace Off the Shoulder Top - Angie has a small on and it was just a tad too big for her. Still a super cute top and we all really loved how it looked! Purchased on Amazon, Comes in S-XXL

Jeggings- Angie has an XS Long on. These come in extra small to large with short, regular and long options! Very stretchy and "you can move in it, spread your legs apart, and its a great price" - Bridesmaids anyone? Ignore our bad jokes.

Layered Pearl Necklace- Can't promise any kind of durability since its literally one dollar, but it sure is cute! Carried on Shein.

We also topped this one off with a fun floral crown for spring and pair of nude wedges - which we don't have a link to, so we apologize!


Outfit #3

Short Sleeve Lace Keyhole Chiffon Blouse - Angie has an XS on and it fit really well! You will certainly want to wear a white or nude tank under, as this one was a little more on the thin side. Amazon carries XS- XXL

Gold Hoop Earrings- Another Shein find for the low price of one dollar!

Jeggings- Same pair as mentioned above.

Not shown but we paired this look with a black bootie mini heel.


Outfit #4

Backless Boho Dress- Angie is wearing an XS. Comes in sizes XS-L. We forgot to take photos of the back, but it has a really pretty keyhole cut-out! You'll want to make sure to get a strapless bra for this one.

Teardrop Rhinestone Earrings- Again, another Shein find for the jewelry, pretty and paired nicely with a lot of different things we had for try on!

We loved the floral crown with this look, since it was such a great boho style dress. A floral crown would be a fun addition for your bridal shower look to help you stand out a little more if you want to skip the "usual" bride to be sash!

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