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Spray Tanning for your Wedding

We've all heard the dreaded orange spray tan stories, which can make them seem pretty scary... Especially for such an important day of your life!

I had never had one before so I decided to give it a try before a trip this spring. I reached out to Ashley from GloPatrol to help me through the process! I'm here to share my experience and the tips that Ashley gave me before and during the process.

Prepping for your spray tan:

  1. Shave the day before

  2. Exfoliate your whole body the day before your spray tan

  3. Make sure you don't have any lotion, deodorants or other things on your skin that could get in the way of your spray tan soaking in

  4. Plan to get your tan 1-2 days before your event

During the spray tan:

  1. Ashely provided me with a hair net, sticky pads for my feet (to prevent discoloration), and was sure to cover my palms with a towel whenever spraying my arms to avoid orange palms!

  2. She guided me through a series of poses to make sure every spot was covered and there wouldn't be any odd lines or streaks

  3. We finished the tan off with some heated air and a setting powder so that I wouldn't have to wait for it to dry to put clothes back on!

  4. I personally have not tried the spray tan machines, but given the number of different positions she guided me through, I'm not sure I would want to risk it on a machine. I would definitely recommend going to a person.

  5. If you do end up going for a machine spray tan be sure to wear a clear nail polish or wipe the nails off after to prevent any discoloration. Ashely did this for me so thankfully I didn't have to worry about this!

After the spray tan:

  1. Given the color I wanted to achieve, I only had to wait 2.5-3 hours before showering. I felt super super dark before my shower and not going to lie... At first I was a bit panicked since I wanted to go pretty light with mine. But don't worry, this is totally normal!

  2. While in the shower, just do light strokes through out the body to rise off, with a little more attention to areas more likely to collect more color (ie. earlobes). Be sure to gently pat dry after your shower.

  3. When you shower you are going to feel like all of the pigment washed off. I literally got out of the shower and was like crap did I not wait long enough to do this and I ruined it!? This is also super normal!

  4. The color develops over the next 24 hours. You will be your darkest at 24 hours post tan.

  5. Daily moisturizing after will help prolong the life of your spray tan, with most lasting about one week.

  6. Beware... exfoliating, going in chlorinated pools/hot tubs, or using other abrasive things will shorten the life of your tan.

Photos go from my usual shade of pale, right after the spray tan before showering, and then about 20 hours post spray tan.

Other Tips/common concerns:

Will my clothes turn orange? Honestly I didn't notice anything of mine turn orange I wore a white tank and white pants a few days after without either being an issue.

Will I get streaks? I personally didn't have any issues besides one spot under my armpit but that was likely my bad. The recommendations for how to rinse off and dry after the first shower if done right should prevent this.

Do a trial run! If you go the in person route you likely won't end up orange or streaky but still better to do for peace of mind and deciding if you want to go lighter or darker for the actual wedding date.

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