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Sota Brides 2021 Trend Guide

Find out what the Sota Brides team sees for up-and-coming trends for 2021.

Overall, we are seeing the trend move towards smaller, intimate weddings due to the restrictions with COVID-19. This will likely continue into 2021 as the vaccine continues to roll-out throughout the country.

First Dance Song:

We are seeing more and more couples stray away from the popular main-stream first dance songs. Instead, they are going with unique covers of classics, or songs that are lesser known (but just as beautiful!). We worked with The Press Release to curate a playlist of some beautiful up-and-coming first dance songs. Check out our full playlist here.

Ceremony Design:

We are expecting to see more statement arch designs in '21... Especially with geometric inspiration! We are absolutely loving this diamond-shaped arch with bold florals. A unique arch design can be used in multiple parts of the day to get more bang for your buck. Perhaps move it behind the head table during dinner or use it as a photo booth backdrop later in the night.



You're going to be seeing more bold menswear colors in the new year!

We love this statement look for the groom with a dark green or maroon color. Groomsmen can also go bold to match... or keep them in a more traditional black or grey so that your groom shines bright on his own.


Table Centerpieces:

Elevated arrangements are coming in hot for '21. We predict more hanging floral arrangements or other elevated statement pieces will be in this year.

These pieces tend to be more expensive to produce... However with the focus on smaller events continuing into 2021, we think these will be a hit to really make an impact with a more intimate event.


Bridal Hair:

For 2021 we are predicting more loose-yet-polished updos when it comes to bridal hair. When brides go the updo route, we are seeing fewer going for the larger statement hairpieces and instead going for something more sleek and simple for their day.


Bridal Bouquets:

Relaxed, yet gorgeous florals is a trend that we saw in 2020 that will be continuing into the new year.

We expect to see a lot of the bouquets and arrangements using berries and pampas grass to really stand out and provide a wow factor.


Statement Piece:

Continuing on with the focus on smaller events, statement pieces are increasingly important.

We love these sea glass name cards with custom calligraphy that gives the perfect personal touch. As a bonus, a guest will be more inclined to keep something like this (as opposed to a tchotchke) as a reminder of your wedding.


Bridal Gown:

You will definitely be seeing transforming wedding dresses like this gorgeous gown with a removable train.

With many couples having a smaller wedding day and larger celebration later on, we predict more brides will be going for two-for-one looks. This allows them to have one look for their wedding day, and a similar, yet different, look for the celebration later on.


Wedding Cake:

Intimate weddings mean we will be seeing smaller tiered cakes... Likely ones that can be replicated in a larger design for the bigger celebration later on.

We are are predicting sleek, whimsical cakes with intricate design elements that pop... like the beautiful cake with fondant roses and leaves. Yum!

We are so thankful that 2020 is almost behind us! We are so excited to see what kind of beautiful elements our Sota Brides bring to their weddings in 2021! Cheers to a new year.

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