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The QuarantBRIDE Project

What better way to lift your spirits than by getting a random basket of goodies?!?


Being a bride right now is TOUGH. Wedding ceremonies have limited guest counts, most are unable to have a reception at all, venues and catering companies are needing to cancel weddings, wedding vendors are going out of business, and rules and regulations are changing so often its tough to make any solid plans.

That's why we decided to put a twist on the quarant-wine project that is taking Facebook by storm... by doing quarantBRIDE baskets on our Facebook group, Minnesota Brides. Brides are able to post their favorite snacks and drinks, what their wedding date is (or was), their new last name and wedding colors to help with basket making!

We kicked things off by delivering 4 baskets of our own to random brides throughout the metro. We asked them to share a photo of them with their basket and how COVID-19 has affected them personally.


Basket #1 to Allie M.

Allie's wedding day is supposed to be Sept 19th, 2020, the couple has plans for a large immaculate wedding with over 300 guests (that Allie says "would have been the best wedding and party ever!"). But, as the days pass they know Plan A is looking more and more unlikely.

Unfortunately, they are unable to make any official plans for Plan B until 60 days out from their wedding date. However, they have thought out Plan B and will likely be making the switch as soon as they are able to. For now, their Plan B is to get married on their original date of Sept 19th, at their venue with their closest family and friends keeping their gathering as small as they are able. They plan to do an outdoor ceremony along a beautiful creek and have their photographer come out for a few hours to capture their ceremony and newlywed photos. Following the ceremony, they plan to spend the rest of the night having a barbecue and bonfire with their guests to celebrate their nuptials!

The second part of Plan B is to reschedule their BIG wedding as they had originally planned it as a 1 year anniversary celebration and vow renewal. Allie doesn't plan to skimp on the details the second go-around. They will have all of the vendors (hair, makeup, videographer, photographer etc) there to bring all of her ideas together. They know it will be that much more special when they can celebrate with everyone at a later date, the way they intended! She says:

"Plans change quickly, and I hope that by some big miracle I will wake up one day soon and COVID-19 will magically be non-existent... but until that happens, these are our plans. The people in my life are way too special and mean way too much to me to jeopardize their health and safety, so this will likely become our reality."

Things we included in Allie's basket: Minnesota Bride tumbler, mini champagne, adult coloring book, towel with her new last initial, mini emergency kit, lotion, chapstick, face mask, bath bomb, M&M's, pretzels, Oreos, ring pop, chocolate, ginger beer, mini vodka, lime & a personalized card!


Basket #2 to Abby L.

Abby's wedding day was supposed to be April 18th, the couple has rescheduled for October 2nd and is holding out hope that they wont have to postpone again!

We happened to deliver her basket on her birthday as well! Happy Birthday Abby!

Things we included in Abby's basket: Minnesota Bride tumbler, mini champagne, Adult coloring book, towel with Mr & Mrs on it, Mrs. ring dish, Lotion, body spray, bath bomb, chapstick, face mask, Doritos, Oreos, chocolate, ring pop, mini shooters, white claw & a personalized card!


Basket #3 to Sarah G.

Sarah & her fiancé Matt were supposed to be wed on April 24th, but unfortunately had to make the difficult decision to postpone to July 17th... Though now, as that date approaches, they know they will likely have to repeat the postponement process yet again.

Matt, being the wonderful guy he is, planned and surprised Sarah with a "re-proposal" on April 24th, their original wedding date. He set up a blanket with lights, balloons, signs and music; then got down on one knee told her how much he loved her and proposed to her again with her new wedding ring. They even did a mini photo shoot after! Way to go Matt for finding a way to make the wedding date special.

The couple has their hearts set on a big wedding and they aren't ready to give that up. They both have big personalities and don't feel like anything else would feel true to them. They have been blessed with an excellent group of vendors that have been helpful and accommodating to changing plans. With their guest list of 200, they will likely be pushing their date to spring of 2021, Sarah says:

"But hey... what's one more year when we have our whole lives, right?"

Things we included in Sarah's basket: Minnesota Bride tumbler, mini champagne, adult coloring book, towel with new last initial, lotion, body butter, nail polish, chapstick, face mask, bath bomb, sour patch kids, ring pop Cheetos, pretzels, Oreos, mini shooters, white claw, margarita & lime, and a personalized card!


Basket #4 to Sami L.

Sami's wedding date is currently set to be September 26th. COVID-19 has made her put a pause on basically all of her wedding plans because of the sheer number of unknowns at this point. She says"

"I’m hoping everything goes as planned and my thoughts are with all of the other brides having to face this challenging time! In the end it’s about you and your future Mr. or Miss.!"

Things we included in Sami's basket: Minnesota Bride tumbler, mini champagne, adult coloring book, towel with her new last initial, Mrs. ring dish, face mask, chapstick, bath bomb, white claws, mini shooters, pretzels, Oreos, chips, chocolate, ring pop & a personalized card!


We hope you will get out and make your own baskets for other brides! If you are in need of other ideas check out our blog on QuarantBRIDE gift ideas!

If you are a vendor, and interested in sponsoring a basket, email us at for more information.

Also check us out on instagram @sotabrides for photos & videos of others completing the quarantBRIDE project!

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