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Postponed Weddings...What to do in the Meantime.

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many couples to postpone the wedding of their dreams to a later date.

So, if you and your fiancé have found yourselves in this boat, what can you do while you wait out your new wedding date?

Things to Keep Working On:

  • Saving: Extra time hopefully means you have to ability to continue to set aside extra money from each paycheck to go towards your big day.

  • Weight loss: If you were working on losing weight / getting toned before your wedding day, bonus! Now you have extra time to work on just that. Gyms are slowly starting to open back up and there are many great online classes you can take advantage of.

  • DIY projects: Maybe you had some projects you never got around to finishing or some you would have loved to do but knew you wouldn't have time to finish... Well, now is the time!

  • Your relationship: Keep dating your fiancé! Try and do something special just the two of you on your original wedding date. We just got a fun Adventure Challenge Scratch off book. It's a book filled with secret dates you can scratch off and do from home! Talk, Flirt, Dare Cards is another fun game that you can get on Amazon!

How to Stay Motivated:

  • Spend time working on your mental health and managing stress: This is super important. Getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising (yoga/meditation, can be a good practice!) are all important in your ability to manage your stress levels and overall health. Also, it is totally okay to take a break entirely from wedding stuff!

  • Bridal subscription box or splurging on something fun to keep your sprits up: There are lots of services out there that do this, give one a try!

P.S. 30% off your first Miss to Mrs. Box when you use code BOX30

  • Plan a little getaway (pre-wedding moon): take a trip up to Duluth/North shore or maybe a day exploring Red Wing followed by a night at a bed & breakfast. This is a great way to spend time just the two of you while also getting your mind off of the stress of wedding planning!

  • Expand/upgrade your honeymoon plans (with your extra savings): Splurge on an extra excursion, upgrade your room, or maybe extend your trip by a day or two!

Bachelorette Parties/ Bridal Showers:

Since none of us have had to deal with something like this before, there's not really any rules or "best practices"! But, here are our best suggestions:

  • Bridal showers: Since there are often more than one of these, consider having one of your parties later this summer. This gives you something to look forward to in the near-term and also lets those who already purchased gifts the opportunity to give them sooner rather than holding on to them for an extended period of time.

  • Bachelorette Parties: This one, we would hold off on until closer to your new wedding date. A) you are going to have more options on things to do & can have a larger group with. B) It's a great build up to your wedding day.

  • Obviously, if your original plans are unaffected & most of your party can still come, by all means go through with it!

  • If you decide to hold off, consider upgrading your Bachelorette party plans (You'll probably all need a good party by the time you reschedule anyway) Maybe splurge a little more on where you stay, pick some fun activities you wouldn't otherwise do or go all out with the decorations!

Photo: Marissa Murdy Studio

Other Random Questions you might have:

  • What do I do with my wedding dress until then? Most dresses should come with a nice garment bag when you pick them up. Keeping your dress in the bag for a year or so shouldn't cause any issues with yellowing or fading, but if you are concerned reach out to the dress shop for their opinion. They will know the fabric and designer best! Also, when storing your dress be sure to make use of the ribbon straps sewn in vs. the actual straps to prevent them from stretching out.

  • What should my Bridesmaids do with their dresses? Assuming they will be involved in the new date, have them hold on to them (or offer up some of your closet space to store them). Have them hold off on alterations until closer to the new date incase there are some fluctuations in weights. If they will not be involved in your new date for whatever reason, tell them sooner rather than later so they can attempt to return/sell their dresses.

  • I've Received some wedding gifts from guests, what do I do with them? If you know your new date, hold on to them but send a thank you note now. In the note, include that you are excited to see them at the new date and reiterate that another gift is not needed. If you do not know your new date yet reach out to the gift giver and find out if they would like their gift back while you figure out new logistics.

  • Should we close our registry? This will more so depend on what your situation is. If a lot of the gifts were things you needed for a new home and will need to purchase anyway, close them and take advantage of the deals to finish buying out things from your registry. You can always make a new registry closer to your new date with extras / other things you didn't buy the first time. If you were mainly just upgrading things or requesting for money toward things, update it to the new date and leave it open.

We know it sucks right now, especially seeing that restrictions are easing... You may be wondering if you should have held out longer. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to be mad. It is okay to be feeling somewhat relieved. Whatever it is you're feeling, just remember... Whenever your new date comes, it will be that much more special knowing you waited so long to marry the love of your life.

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