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Our Favorite Wedding Day Perfumes

They say that smell is the strongest sense tied to memories... Because of this, many brides choose to purchase a special perfume to wear on their wedding day.

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Here are some of our favorite wedding day perfumes:

  1. Light Blue - Dolce and Gabana A light scent with cedar, apple and jasmine... Could also double as your "something blue".

  2. Bright Crystal - Versace Fruity and flowery with notes of Pomegranate, Peony and Lotus

  3. Chance - Chanel Orange Citrus with notes of musk

  4. Love Struck - Vera Wang Fruity notes of guava, mandarine and tuberose

  5. Flowerbomb - Viktor and Rolf - Fresh freesia, rose and patchouli tones

  6. Flora Gorgeous Gardenia - Gucci Romantic tones of gardenia, pear and red berries

  7. Pure Grace - Philosophy - Neutral earthy musk tones with leafy green undertones

  8. Jean Paul - Scandal Rich honey, creamy, and earthy tones

  9. Daisy - Mark Jacob's Feminine notes of violet, jasmine, strawberry, and vanilla

  10. A loved one's scent - whether it is your mom's, god mom's, or grandmother's signature scent. A great way to tie a personal touch in... And could also double as your "something borrowed"!

Whatever scent you decide on, make sure to test it out ahead of time. Sometimes your pheromones can alter the way the perfume smells... Plus you don't want to discover an unknown allergy the day of your wedding! Be sure to bring it out and spritz some on for anniversaries and other special occasions to bring the memories of your day back!

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