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DIY Tumblers & Luggage Tags

We made super cute stemless wine glass tumblers for our Wine Country Bachelorette as well as some cheeky luggage tags to fit our theme! This is a how-to that will work for the majority of projects using permanent vinyl and a Cricut machine. Check out how to make them below.

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Difficulty: Easy

Time: ~5 min or less per cup/tag Price: ~$8 per cup/ ~$5 per tag

If you have used a Cricut before, this process will be pretty simple for you. If you are new to Cricut it will be a bit more challenging but still a fairly easy project to complete. You can apply this same process to any style cup, tag or really any item that you want permanent vinyl on!


Project Steps:

  1. Open Cricut Design Space and start a new project

  2. Pick a font and type out the names or phrases you want. Be sure to measure your cups (or tags) and size your design appropriately. If you'd like a script font to cut connected (like ours above) follow steps 3-5. If not, go ahead and move onto step 6.

  3. Select the name and click the "unlock" button that should display on one of the corners of the text box. This will make each individual letter its own entity.

  4. Hold down the shift button and slide each letter until they are connected.

  5. Highlight all letters in the name/phrase together and then select group and weld on the right side toolbar. This should again regroup the whole name together and also stop the machine from cutting letters individually. *If you find the center of a letter "blacks out" this means you slid one of your letters too close. To correct the problem, undo your weld and adjust the letters again so theres a bit more space between them, then re-weld.

  6. Select cut and prepare a mat with the appropriate amount of vinyl for your design. Vinyl normally should go shiny side down, but always check your vinyl's instructions to be sure!

  7. Adjust the dial on your Cricut to cut vinyl material and then click "go" on your Cricut machine.

  8. Once cut, remove the vinyl from the mat. Using your weeding tool, remove all vinyl that is not part of your design.

  9. Cut a piece of transfer tape that will fit your design. Place this sticky side down onto your vinyl design and use the scraper tool (or your fingers, whoops) to get the vinyl to adhere well to the transfer tape.

  10. Flip the whole thing over and peel the backing away. You should be left with your design on the transfer tape.

  11. Center and place on your item. Peel away the transfer tape.

We hope you liked this tutorial for personalized cups and luggage tags! We had a blast making them and hope you do too!

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