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DIY Pastel Tie Dye Sleepwear

These pastel sets had us feeling like tie dye cheetah girls! Find out how to recreate this look with our DIY below.

*This blog post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase anything through the links below we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Difficulty: Easy

Price: Starting at $20 - increases the more items you do

Time: 1.5 Hours working time, 24+ hours total time

We knew that we wanted to make some fun loungewear that matched our theme that we could include in our gift bags for our Nashville Destination Bachelorette. We ended up going a little tie dye crazy, but we LOVE how it all turned out!


Project Steps:

  1. Pre wash your garments This is totally optional. We didn't end up doing this, but you definitely can!

  2. Fold / tie up the garments with rubber binders We wanted to stay away from the traditional tie dye method, so we ended up going with the accordion style when folding. See the video below for what we mean by that!

  3. Fill buckets with room-temp water, add dye Note: We really diluted our dye so it would be less pigmented. We used about 7x as much water as the instructions called for. This allowed us to get more of the pastel feel.

  4. Apply dye We used the squirt bottles to squirt the dye onto the garments. We tried to apply a little extra in some areas to have some variance in color. The more dye you apply, the less white/un-dyed areas you will have.

  5. Let sit for 24+ hours this allows for the dye to really soak in. If you want a softer color you can do less time than this.

  6. Remove binders and wash our kit recommended washing in hot water, if you get a different set than we did, check the instructions.

This is how our crop tops and lounge pants looked all tied up with bands.

Overall, we were really pleased with how everything turned out! We did find that the lounge pants we chose didn't hold the dye all that well, so we mostly ended up with a white pant for all of us but they are probably the softest lounge pants we own so it worked out just fine for us!

Pro tip: make sure you don't poke any holes in your gloves, or you'll end up with a colorful hand for a few days!

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