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DIY Hydro-Dipped Tumblers

A step-by-step tutorial on how to make cute, hydro-dipped tumbler cups.

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Difficulty: Medium

Time: About 1 hour, plus dry time

Price: ~$30 depending on number of colors and tumblers

We knew we wanted some fun, refillable cups for our Nashville bachelorette party. Of course it had to be on theme, so Ali had the idea to do a spray painted, hydro-dipped cup. Check out how we did it below.

Supplies List:

Project Steps:

  1. Tape off any areas with masking tape you don't want paint on. For ours we only covered about the top 1-2 inches with tape on the inside.

  2. Spray the tumblers with the primer and let dry for at least one hour. Even though the cups were already white, we still wanted an even, primed surface.

  3. Once tumblers are dry, sand any rough areas if needed.

  4. Fill up a bucket with room temp water. You don't want it too warm and you don't want it too cold.

  5. Spray your desired color(s) into the water. If you are using multiple colors, rotate sprays so you get a good gradient.

  6. Once the water has a decent layer of paint on it, take the tumbler and dip and twist it, so it gets covered in the paint.

  7. Evaluate the amount of paint on the tumblers. If you messed up like us, wipe/smudge as much as you'd like. If you need more paint, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you like the design.

  8. Let dry for at least one hour.

  9. Once completely dry, spray the cups with a layer of sealer.

Overall, it was a pretty fun DIY project! It just took a little trial and error. We were pretty pleased with how they turned out. They were so fun and worked great for our beverages during our trip. We were so surprised at how well the cups kept our drinks cold for so long.

If you try making them, please comment below or tag us! We'd love to see how they turn out!

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