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Destination Bachelorette: Sota Brides Takes On Nashville

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Sota Brides takes on Nashville! If you are looking to do a destination bachelorette in Nashville, read on for things to see and do while you are there!

*This blog post contains affiliate links, should you choose to purchase anything we may make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

We constantly see posts asking for recommendations on destination bachelorette locations, so we decided to start our Destination Bachelorette Series. We travel to the location, scope out all the must sees and dos for a quick weekend trip, and then put together a fun little party pack that you can shamelessly steal. What better place to start this off than in Nashville, TN?!



  • Arrive into Nashville, check in to Holston House We loved this hotel! It was super cute and located in the perfect spot! It is walking distance to Broadway and less than a 1 mile walk from just about anywhere else we wanted to go. Once we arrived, we got settled and decorated the room.

  • Angie K Concert at Big Machine this was the perfect way to get us in the Nashville mood. We were so stoked to be able to see Angie play at an intimate venue with some tasty cocktails!

  • Dinner at Oak Steakhouse We decided we wanted to do a fancier dinner our first night in Nash. Oak came highly recommended and rightfully so! They had a passionfruit moscow mule mocktail on the menu that we asked them to toss alcohol in and it may just be be best cocktail we've ever had!

Dinner at Oak Steak House
  • Drinks on Broadway: After dinner we stopped into a few places to check out the music. We ended up staying at Honky Tonk Central the longest to listen to a live band on the second floor! You'll find many of the bars on Broadway have more than one level with different vibes on each floor.


  • Brunch at The Tavern: We had the best brunch here! We highly recommend ordering the maple fondue for the table, you won't regret it! Plus, you can't beat 2 for 1 mimosas, bellinis and bloodies!

  • Electric Scooter Tour of the City After brunch, we stumbled on some electric scooters and took an impromptu scooter tour of the city. This is Cait's favorite thing we did during the entire trip. It was so fun to get to see so much, visit some murals and not have a specific agenda.

  • Cocktails at Skulls: This place is down printer's alley which is such a cute area. There are so many little places to stop in to see, and there are adorable lights strung up throughout the street. We had some strong (but great!) cocktails here.

  • Cocktails at Hidden Bar "In Bloom" Speakeasy: We won't disclose exactly where this one is, but you'll find it in a hotel and it's not all that far from Skulls. This place was so cute, with florals everywhere and of course a secret entrance! Cait got the "Blossoms Be Cray" and Ali got the "Roses are Pink" and they were both fantastic.

  • Greyline Tours Night Trolley: This was a really nice tour of the city, we got to go through Centennial Park, stop at the Parthenon, go down music row, and see a several other key spots in Nash. The trolley is open air, so do keep that in mind when you choose your outfits... We didn't realize this was the case and it was unseasonably cold while were there so this made it quite *brisk*.

  • Dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery- We're going to start by saying make sure you have a reservation for dinner after the trolley... or just go before the night tour. We walked around and only Rock Bottom was open. 0/10 recommend stopping here for food late night. Perhaps just drinks would be better?


  • Coffee from Johnny Cash Museum Cafe- Ali has a thing for hazelnut lattes and kid you not this was the best hot one she'd had in quite some time. We actually went back twice because we all loved our drinks so much!


  • Backdrop from Shein - Not the best, but worked for our purposes! It was pretty flimsy but it did come with an adhesive strip on the back which was a perk.

  • Balloons lining bed - Balloons also from Shein, made a nice touch with the uplighting!

  • Tie dye pillowcases - Definitely helped transform the space and make it less "hotel-y"

  • Goodie bags - Everyone got a bag full of goodies that coordinated with their color, details below on what all was included.

  • Bathroom banner - "Lets get Nashty" Just a quick cut of some letters with a Cricut.

Goodie bags:

  • Tie dye items:- see the DIY how to here!

  • Drawstring Bag

  • Pillow case

  • Crop hoodie

  • Joggers

  • Mask

  • Socks

  • Oversized tee for a swimsuit cover up

  • Hydro dipped tumbler -See our DIY how to here!

  • Sunglasses

  • Scrunchies- a lucky find at TJ Maxx in the colors we wanted!

Hashtag ideas:

Spotify Playlist:

Photo Gallery:

Want to have your own Nash Bach? Check out our party pack available for purchase here! It includes digital downloads of 5 themed games that fit the pastel vibe we had going for this party.

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