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12 Unique Unity Ceremony Ideas

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Tired of the typical sand and candles you see for unity ceremonies? Check out these unique ideas to see if any of these fit your wedding vibe!

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Whiskey/ Bourbon Blending: Each person will have a different whiskey (or bourbon) to pour into the barrel to create a new, blended whiskey. You can keep this aging and drink it on anniversaries! Way better than eating freezer burnt cake on your anniversary, right? Some couples even opt to have close family and/or friends add a whiskey to the blend as well to signify the whole family blending together.


Planting a tree: The couple will each scoop dirt from their respective pots into one combined pot to plant their tree. Some people will choose to get the dirt from significant places to the couple, such as each of their childhood homes. The tree/ plant can then be planted in the couples first home together.


Wine Ceremony: Very similar to the whiskey blending ceremony, each person will select a wine (usually one white, one red) the couple will pour their respective carafes of wine into one larger carafe. Then the couple will pour each other a glass of wine and toast to the blending of their lives.


Glass Ceremony: Each person will select a color (or color blend) of glass crystals. During the ceremony you will each pour your glass crystals into one combined vase. After the wedding, you'll send your vase of combined crystals to a glass blowing company. They will then craft your crystals into a beautiful item to display in your home! This one would be good to find a company to work with ahead of time so you can get their glass products and know they can create a piece you'll love after!


Hourglass Sand Ceremony: A bit of a spin on the more traditional sand ceremony. The couple will pour their respective sand colors into the hourglass. Then as they use their hourglass, the sand becomes more and more blended into one new color. Signifying how your lives will continue to become more and more intertwined over time.


Branding: Great for outdoorsy couples or those who come from farming families! The couple brands their initials and wedding date into a piece of wood during the ceremony. The brand signifies identity and a sense of belonging. This one will take some thinking through on logistics, so make sure you have a place to heat your brand and a piece of wood ready! After, you can customize this piece further to display in your home or use it as your guest book and have your guests sign the remainder of the wood piece. The one shown is from Amazon with several design options, otherwise Etsy is always a great place to look!


Painting: Using a canvas the couple will each pour or brush their respective colors onto the canvas during the ceremony. Make sure you plan ahead for this one! Likely will be messy so make sure you have plastic down and wipes for each of your hands. Also, definitely check in with your venue that they are okay with you doing this. After the ceremony, you can use it in your home for decor. To spruce it up, add your last initial and wedding date on it after the paint dries or even add part of your vows or song lyrics that are significant to you!


Love Lock: There are a few ways to do this one. One, each person gets their own engraved "love lock" during the ceremony you would interlock your locks and *ideally* throw the keys where they cant be retrieved to symbolize your unbreakable love. That being said, don't litter on your venue's property... maybe take the keys on your honeymoon or on a trip and get rid of them somewhere you'd be pretty unlikely to be able to get them back! Second way you can do this is purchase a single engraved lock with your names and wedding date and lock this onto a piece of art/ other item for around your home.


Unity Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich: Yes, you read that right! This one is for all you quirky couples out there that just wanna be married and get the dang thing done! Make yourselves a *classy* PB & J, squish those pieces together and call it a day! Of course, share your sandwich after (great snack for you too).


Unity Puzzle: This is a great one for those that already have kids & will be blending families. Each person gets their own puzzle piece and the family assembles during the ceremony. There are lots of beautiful designs on Etsy.


Blessing Stones Ceremony: Great way to include your guests and allow them to offer a blessing or wish to the couple. When your guests arrive at the ceremony they would take a blessing stone and a paper to write their wish/blessing down for the couple. Guests hold onto these stones through the ceremony and drop their stones into a container on their way out. Couples may choose to display their container of stones somewhere in their home as a reminder of all of the love they experienced on their wedding day. The paper sentiments can be collected separately for you to go through later!


Lock box/ Time Capsule: Put together a time capsule during your unity ceremony that will only be opened on special occasions ie. significant anniversaries, first child etc. (be sure to decide this ahead of time). Things you might want to include would be: your wedding vows, letters to each other for each of the big occasions, a special bottle of wine, your first dance song, garter, or other trinkets from your wedding to help serve as a reminder of your wedding day.


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