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Lollipop Media

About Lollipop Media

We are Natalie & Ricky, a husband and wife photo and video team, keeping it real since 2013.

We've shot over 160 weddings, but we are just as thrilled to be a part of yours as we were at our very first wedding many years ago. We love dancing in the kitchen, eating good food with a glass of wine or beer, listening to music, going out to the lake and visiting family & friends. We are down to earth, sweet & bubbly!

We would be a good fit for you if you like: bright, natural, classic imagery, you are confident in yourself and know your self-worth, like to have fun and you are madly in love with your boo!

Photo packages start at $3,950 for 8 hours of coverage. Video packages start at $3,000 for 8 hours of coverage. Our average couple spends $5,750 on bundled packages.

SOTA SPECIAL: $250 off any photo package


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