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About 651 Studio & Floral Design

Hi I’m Candace Holmstadt, an event florist and mom of 6! Yes I love to be busy and love creating! My children are my world but being a mom is not enough to fulfill my passion in life! I’ve been a licensed stylist for 20 years, entrepreneur for 17 years, and a self employed florist in Minnesota for 3 years! My home town is Dickinson ND where I use to own 3 salons. After managing salons for 10 years and and oil bust my husband and I decided to start over in his home state MN. We had to move for job opportunities with his engineering degree and it landed us in Red Wing. I always love a good challenge, I love adventure, traveling, creating, and making clients happy! I use to help a former hair client in ND at her floral shop during busy seasons. I did it to help her and it was fun for me! I never knew God would put it in my heart to start that career path here, but he did and it has been the most exciting time in my life! I’ve always had a love for brides and I’m a people pleaser! I work hard to give it all back to my family, so thank you for supporting a small business! God bless!

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